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Work in Progress

Entry Barriers and the Labor Market Outcomes of Incumbent Workers: Evidence from a Deregulation Reform in the German Crafts Sector
mit Philipp Lergetporer und Lisa Simon
IZA Working Paper No. 11857

Can Mentoring Alleviate Family Disadvantage in Adolescence? A Field Experiment to Improve Labor-Market Prospects
mit Sven Resnjanskij, Simon Wiederhold und Ludger Woessmann
CESIfo Working Paper No. 8870
Project website

Are Older Workers Willing to Learn?
mit Stephan L. Thomsen und Insa Weilage
IZA Working Paper No. 13416

Individualism, Human Capital Formation, and Labor Market Outcomes
mit Katharina Hartinger, Sven Resnjanskij und Simon Wiederhold

Immigration and Intergenerational Income Mobility: Evidence from U.S. Metropolitan Areas

Publikationen in Fachzeitschriften

International Emigrant Selection on Occupational Skills
mit Alexander Patt, Simon Wiederhold und Miguel Flores
Journal of the European Economic Association, 19(2), 1249-1298, 2021.
Distinguished CESifo Affiliate Award 2017

The Benefits of Adult Learning: Work-Related Training, Social Capital, and Earnings
mit Stephan L. Thomsen und Insa Weilage
Economics of Education Review, 72, 166-186, 2019.
Leading House Best Paper Award 2019

Long-Term Relatedness between Countries and International Migrant Selection
mit Tim Krieger und Laura Renner
Journal of International Economics, 113, 35-54, 2018.

Cultural Biases in Migration: Estimating Non-Monetary Migration Costs 
mit Oliver Falck und Alfred Lameli
Papers in Regional Science, 97(2), 411-438, 2018.

The Selection of High-Skilled Emigrants
mit Matthias Parey, Fabian Waldinger und Nicolai Netz
Review of Economics and Statistics, 99(5), 776-792, 2017. 

Economic Gains from Educational Reform by U.S. States
mit Eric A. Hanushek und Ludger Woessmann
Journal of Human Capital, 11(4), 447-486, 2017.

Knowledge Capital Quality and Aggregate Income Differences: Development Accounting for U.S. States
mit Eric A. Hanushek und Ludger Woessmann
American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 9(4), 184-224, 2017.

Immigration, Regional Conditions, and Crime: Evidence from an Allocation Policy in Germany
mit Marc Piopiunik
European Economic Review, 92, 258-282, 2017.

Does Early Educational Tracking Increase Migrant-Native Achievement Gaps? Differences-In-Differences Evidence Across Countries
mit Guido Schwerdt
Economics of Education Review, 52, 134-154, 2016.

It Pays to Improve School Quality
mit Eric A. Hanushek und Ludger Woessmann
Education Next, 16(3), 52-60, 2016.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids' Benefits—Revisiting Intergenerational Conflict in OECD Countries 
mit Tim Krieger
Public Choice, 157(1-2), 115-143, 2013.


Work-Related Training and Subjective Well-Being: Estimating the Effect of Training Participation on Satisfaction, Worries, and Health in Germany
mit Stephan L. Thomsen und Insa Weilage
In: Schrader J., Ioannidou A., Blossfeld HP. (eds), Monetäre und nicht monetäre Erträge der Weiterbildung. Edition ZfE. Vol. 7. Springer VS, Wiesbaden, 107-144, 2020.

Microeconometric Analyses on Economic Consequences of Selective Migration 
ifo Beiträge zur Wirtschaftsforschung 61, Munich. Doctoral Thesis, 2015.